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Colors Of Jealousy 

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Hokahey! Music Productions is an independent music production company based in Kauhava, Finland.
Our services also include record label and booking agency.
At the moment our international activities are solely focused on producing, licensing, promoting, booking and releasing material by Micke Bjorklof & Blue Strip and Micke & Lefty feat. Chef. On all these subjects we work close together with our international partners.

Hokahey! Music Productions is currently not signing any new projects.
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Micke Bjorklof & Blue Strip

A Unique package with Delta blues and New Orleans influences.
Finnish Blues Awards winning Micke Bjorklof & Blue Strip is a well-established name in their native Finland and throughout Scandinavia, where they have been ambassadors of blues music for more than 20 years, recording and stirring up audiences with their energetic live shows at smoky blues clubs and large festival arenas. Throughout their career, they’ve had the privilege of performing on stages around Europe in the presence of B.B. King, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Solomon Burke, Robert Plant and many other legends. The band is seriously building on their international career which has already taken them all from Tokyo to New Orleans and all the way to worlds Northern most blues festival in Svalbard.

“Do you wonder whether the Blues has a future? As contemporary, fresh, modern and varied as Micke Björklöf & Blue Strip interpret the Blues, you can only say YES!

This thrilling concert in front of 1200 enthusiastic listeners demonstrates clearly this band’s special qualities: the finest songwriting, outstanding instrumentals and first class singing satisfy any desire. Their set at Blues Baltica festival was a inspiring mix of acoustic and electric elements that combined perfectly different forms of the Blues. Not one dull minute!

Unbelievable were the force and the intensity that went into every single song of this concert. On top of that, the guys showed an enthusiasm on stage that can even be heard on the album recorded at the concert. One could say a lot more about this memorable concert.

“I can highly recommend this band to any festival or venue.”

Helge “Nick” Nickel (Baltic Blues Society, Eutin-Germany)

“Despite having recorded few studio albums throughout their career, Bjorklof and his band have built, throughout this last quarter of a century, a solid reputation and credibility as one of the most fresh and exciting live acts coming from Europe. The secret being not just the strong individual skills of each band member, but also their winning blues/rock formula, one able to embrace and to amalgamate cleverly various elements belonging to different styles, from Blues to Latin, from Jazz to Rock. Twenty-Five Live At Blues Baltica is a live record as good as a live record can possibly be. Highly entertaining, soulfully played and skilfully executed, the album confirms Bjorklof & Blue Strip as one of the strongest and most inspired bands around.”

Bluebird Reviews, USA



Micke & Lefty feat.Chef

Entertainment with a capital E!!!
Micke Björklöf and Lefty Leppänen together with Mr.Chef are forming one of the most exciting acoustic blues and roots line ups in European blues scene today. One of their strongest trademarks is the powerful three-part harmonies as well as strong lead vocals sung by all band members. The band also stands out with their original material. It´s a rich mix of American roots music with influences from early delta- and country blues, spiced up with some bluegrass, rock, soul and Hawaiian flavours, with emphasis anyway on Blues! All these key elements with worldclass, explosive slide guitar, suitcase drum set and harmonica together make the band sound distinctive and authentic in the blues scene.
Through the years Micke & Lefty feat.Chef have stirred up audiences with their entertaining and energetic live shows wherever they play, from small club stages to big festival arenas in following countries: USA, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Slovakia, Hungary and Estonia. One of the career highlights has definatelly been when they opened for ZZ Top at 2010 with an audience with over 15000 people.
Micke & Lefty has been working together over twenty years and collaborated on 8 albums so far. Both musicians are also a part of top Finnish bluesrock band Micke Bjorklof & Blue Strip.
Micke & Lefty has been working together over twenty years and collaborated on 8 albums so far. Both musicians are also a part of top Finnish bluesrock band Micke Bjorklof & Blue Strip.
Micke Bjorklof: vocals, drums & percussion, harmonica, guitar
Lefty Leppänen: vocals, acoustic & slide guitar, harmonica
Chef: vocals, bass


Micke Bjorklof & Lefty Leppänen

two guys sounding like a full band

Micke & Lefty is considered as one of the best and most interesting acoustic blues & roots duos in Scandinavia and Europe. Strong original material, excellent musicianship, acoustic instrumentation and both singing lead vocals makes them sound really distinctive. Their music features a rich mix of American roots music all from classic delta- and countryblues style spiced up with some country, rock, jazz and Hawaiian style, this is a real acoustic roots & blues music adventure. All this is backed up with explosive slideguitar, powerfull harmony vocals with positive attitude makes this duo sound unique and concert experience something special and pleasant to follow.

Ville “Lefty Willie” Leppänen is a world class virtuoso on resonator guitar and is considered as one of the best slide guitar players in Europe. Micke Björklöf is one of the best known blues singers and bandleaders in Finland, his strong voice can be heard on Micke Björklöf & Blue Strip recordings. On albums and occasionally also on live shows you can also hear bass player Chef Kivimäki. This talented young came along just a little bit before sessions for the critically acclaimed debut album “Big Bag” (Bluelight Records 2004). As a trio Micke & Lefty feat.Chef represented Finland at European Blues Challenge final in Berlin 2011 and International Blues Challenge in Memphis, USA 2012.

Through the years Micke & Lefty has performed on hundreds of clubs and all major festivals in Finland and some in following countries: USA, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Slovakia, Hungary and Estonia. Micke & Lefty has been working together over twenty years and collaborated on 7 albums so far. Both musicians are also a part of top Finnish rhythm & blues band Micke Björklöf & Blue Strip.
Micke Björklöf: vocals, harmonica, guitar, percussion
Lefty Leppänen: guitars, vocals, harmonica



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